I need to remember this…



I need to remember this…

Just wanted to post a little something.  So it’s finally summer, which means tons of taekwondo training.  2-3 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Okay, there’s only one hour on Fridays lol

Anyway, besides that I’ve been running, but I haven’t seemed to lose any weight.  I’m worried (since it means that I’m close to the limit of hte weight class in which I fight), but not overly so.  What I’m really focused on this summer is a little bit different.

Recently, my relationship with food has been a little funny because of the weight classes in tae kwon do.  I’m trying to get rid of that.  And besides (sorry if this is TMI!), I wasn’t menstruating for a while.  Disordered eating, or even just not eating enough by a few hundred calories a day, and amenhorrea are symptoms of what is called the female triad, the third part of which is decreased bone density.  With that in mind I went to get tested for bone density loss.  As it turns out, I do have loss of bone density.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that it’s really scary being 20 years old and practically having what is basically early stage osteoporosis. 

BUT all is not lost!  It’s totally reversible with proper eating.  So it’s calcium and protein powder for me for a while.  Now I’m not posting this because I want to.  I actually feel kinda uncomfortable sharing this on the internet.  I’m putting this out here because if there are any ladies out there with the same symptoms as I had, even if you think you’re super healthy, I urge you to do some research and ask your doctor about getting a bone density scan if you’re really curious.  This isn’t meant to scare you at all, but just to let you know that this is a thing that does happen to perfectly healthy people. 

If anybody wants to message me with questions/suggestions of what to eat, either are much appreciated :)

Black bean chicken soup for dinner!

Black bean chicken soup for dinner!

So happy that grapes are $1.50 per pound now :D

So happy that grapes are $1.50 per pound now :D

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UK grading system
75-100 A+
70-74 A
64-69 A-
60-63 B+
55-59 B
50-54 B-
46-49 C+
43-45 C
38-42 C-
35-37 D

Time to move to the UK

Dude I would kill for that grading scale

wait, so what  is it in america then?

100 A+

95 A

90 A-

86-89 B+

85 B

80 B-

76-79 C+

75 C

70 C-

65-69 D

Anything below that is an F

is that real??



this isn’t fair

… seriously?

Quick Update

Hey so here’s a quick update on my life at the moment.  Finals are OVER!  I’m back home and just hanging around for now.  Going running, going to taekwondo again, thank the lord.  I tested for my blue belt and passed, so I’m moving up in the world.  There are a ton of stories to tell, and I’ll put some photos up in the near future.  I ended up at a national competition and had a blast there.  Well, only kinda.  I cut a lot of weight and I think I’m on the rebound with that.  Of course, it could be finals stress/not sleeping that led to a bit of weight back on, but I’m eating pretty well and exercising, so here’s hoping to seeing a change! 

Oh man so true.  If I made a pair of jeans designed specifically for athletes and our huge thighs, I’d never have to worry about money.  Ever.

Oh man so true.  If I made a pair of jeans designed specifically for athletes and our huge thighs, I’d never have to worry about money.  Ever.


This kind of stuff shouldn’t still surprise me as much as it does.

Last night, I decided to make my own cheeseburger (and fries) for dinner. I used a quarter pound of ground beef, two slices of cheese, a whole wheat bun, and some veggies. It came out tasting absolutely amazing and left me wondering why I don’t cook burgers at home more often!

Out of curiosity, I decided to compare it, nutrition-wise, with the quarter pounder I usually get from McDonalds. I was honestly shocked at how much healthier my burger turned out! 150 less calories, way less carbs and fat, and more protein. Really can’t beat that!

I’m not one of those “fast food is evil” people - I’ve always enjoyed fast food and probably always will, and I still eat it occasionally. But stuff like this is really an eye-opener to me as far as how much healthier (and even more delicious) cooking at home can be.  And I can’t even use the “fast food is cheaper” argument here, because I got a pound of ground beef for $5, meaning each patty cost a little over a dollar. The bread and toppings were an extra few cents each, meaning in total my burger probably cost me around $2-$3. A quarter pounder at McDonalds is about $3, so there’s really no cost difference!

Just wanted to share this in case it inspired someone else to cook at home tonight! 

So making this over the summer!